Creative Financial Planing

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The answer is Yes. In just 30 min we can discover how to tailor advice to your needs. But be ready to answer a lot of questions.
Grab a pencil and paper before you pick up that phone. We are happy to send a Zoom link upon request, or meet you in person at our Hamilton Office. We know time is of the essences. We have cultivated strong working relationship with lawyers, lenders and accountants that work fast and smart. We are here to help answer questions regarding your specific case. When you are on the phone with Adam or Kaz you are only 24 hours away from getting your questions answered regarding all aspects of your financial situation. That is because we have aligned ourselves with the best in the business.

Resource First

Give us a try, go ahead ask us anything we promise you will find value. Whether you are another mortgage broker/agent, banker, lender, lawyer, real estate agent, new to the business, or the general public CALL US!
Get a free, no obligation 2nd opinion from us. You owe it to your family, yourself, and your future self.

Exit Strategy

Please don’t get yourself into a “Sub Prime Rate Lender” mortgage or “Private Rate Lender” mortgage without an Exit Strategy. Usually, if you currently have anything but a “Best Rate Lender” mortgage, you want to put yourself into a position to qualify for one ASAP. We help with that. Its called an Exit Strategy. We carefully custom tailor a solution to your unique financial needs. We put this in writing. This will outline what you have now, the immediate and future goals we need to achieve and a solution. We don’t close “Sub Prime” mortgages without knowing when and how we are getting out of it.

Commercial Lending

If your bank has already said yes, then you have no reason to call us at this time!
Congratulations on achieving the ultimate financial success!

But if your broker said yes or your credit union said yes, call us!

If you feel something is wrong, trust your instincts and call us!

You’re not going to get products on this website. It doesn’t take much to have a 30 minute conversation over your very important investment/project. You owe it to yourself and to your partners in the project. Get a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion.
Don’t push it off until tomorrow, pick up the phone.

If the deal calls for a private lending now, we can do that but even better we do that with a plan to pay out that private money ASAP.
We do the things today to make it better tomorrow.

We can even help with your VTB Vendor Take Back Mortgage. Best to involve a broker. Don’t think you should do it yourself.
The broker is the insurance you were looking for. Not a lawyer in this case. Your lawyer can vet it but they don’t create it. Not cost effective.

Did someone say Environmental? We can help with that part of the process. Knowing is half the battle.

We get a lot of clients thinking they are asking for a mortgage when they are really asking for an investor, We Can Help with that.

Business To Business

Working well with others is the backbone of the business. It usually takes up to 6 different professionals throughout the financing process. We Can Help!

We are the Brokers Broker or the Agents Broker.
We close multiple transactions every year with other Mortgage Brokers/Agents across Ontario.

We work with your existing Accountant in making sure taxes are in order to qualify for the mortgage required.

We work with your lawyer in making sure all the relevant documents they require are available.

We work with Equifax and Transunion to correct mistakes on your clients bureau(s). You don’t have time for this kind of stuff.

We hold everyone accountable in a professional manner. Time is Money.

Do you have a file on your desk for over 5 business days and no commitment.
We Can Help!

Two heads are better than one.

You have given all the paper work requested of you. Wondering why it’s taking so long? It shouldn’t. It’s taking long because you aren’t working with competent professionals. Maybe the people you are working with are getting a pay cheque on Friday even if they don’t close your deal – not someone you should be working with.


50/50 Fair Factor. Separating? We have a system for that. We customize in writing a document breaking down the math in real time. Up to date Math. Your Math. You can’t argue over math. Please don’t.

It helps speed up the process with your lawyer in turn cutting down cost. Fast reliable accountable advice. Trust me your lawyer will appreciate it. We have been through 100’s of separations over the years with our clients.

We can work with one side, the other, or all together. We have a solution for all three. You will take peace of mind as we download what we learned from previous clients.

65 or better

Are you 65 or older and turned down by your bank/existing lender or broker. Call us, we can help.
Are you overwhelmed by the process?

We are sensitive to that, not frustrated. We come to your house with our computer to help if need be. Having a hard time getting out of your house we help with that. We have lawyers that come to you.

Did someone say you might have to sell and you don’t want to?
Get all the answers over the phone in as little as 30 mins. No application needed.

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