Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve received a letter in the mail from my creditors/mortgage company lawyer. We can help.

2. My existing mortgage provider isn’t getting back to me. We can help.

3. What is going to happen when my mortgage matures. We can help.

4. Should I renew early? We can help. We know all about the pressure tactics some lenders use.
That is why we need to advise fast. Competent advice can be fast.

5. Can you close fast. Yes, but that is because we take an active role with the legal team(s) closing the file. We just don’t stop at the money.

6. Do you know a really good lawyer, accountant, appraiser, real estate agent, credit union, trustee, credit counselor etc.?
Yes, we can help.

7. Can you help with my wage garnishment, bank account frozen, letter in the mail, phone calls from creditors. We can help.

8. Can you help with my pay day loan? Yes, we can help.

9. Can you help even if I don’t own my house? Yes, we can help.

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